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- DJ Charp


December 5th - A fresh new mix from DJ Charp!
here to watch it!
1. Masters Of Ceremony - Break
2. Noize Suppressor - Lost S.T.F.Y.
3. Angerfist - Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix)
4. Noize Suppressor - Still Want More
5. Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix)

Liked it?
Download it
October 3rd - Here it is! Our new track; Creating The Noise.
This time we have chosen to make some hardstyle.
We first had some problems with Fruity Loops Studio, which wasn't very nice. We still needed to add some sounds to our track.
About a week later, we finally solved the problem but we still don't know the cause.
Now we've got FL Studio 9, with a much better interface and more synthesizers!

So sit back and enjoy the hardstyle!
Liked it? Download it

September 19th - Today i have uploaded a new Hardstyle track, made by Brennan Heart;
Brennan Heart - City Of Intensity
This is the Decibel Outdoor Anthem 2009, so enjoy!

August 8th - It's been a while since i've uploaded Hardstyle, but here it is:

Hardstyle Summer 2009
Like in the Hardcore summer mix, i've mixed 4 hot track in 10 minutes;

1. Noisecontrollers - Revolution Is Here
2. Pavo - Communicate
3. Headhunterz - Just Say My Name
4. Project One - Rate Reducer (Headhunterz Remix)

Ofcourse all track are from 2009!
To listen click
To download click here!

July 4th - I've finally uploaded the long awaited Summer mix!

I've mixed 4 awsome hardcore tracks in 10 minutes;

1. Angerfist Feat. Predator - Legend
2. Hellsystem - The Executioner
3. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (The Stunned Guys & Tommyknocker Remix)
4. Noize Suppressor - Still Want More

To watch: click here!
To download: click
June 24th - Today I've uploaded one of the latest Hardcore tracks in the scene:
Live A Lie.
Enjoy, there are vocals from "Let It Rock" in it!
May the 25th - Uploaded an awsome remix from Kasparov: Ctrl.Alt.Delete.

Enjoy listening!
April the 10th - I've made a new track with my good friend The Eltaza!
The track is called Freedom Fighters, and the genre is Hardcore.
Click here to watch it!
March the 20th - Finally uploaded some new music! From Na-Goyah!
I've uploaded one of his latest track from 2009!
February the 21th - Uploaded a new hardcore track on my channel:
It's ranked #8 in the Hardcore TOP 100 of 2008, so check it out!
Friday the 13th! - Uploaded the official Masters Of Hardcore Anthem 2009!
This is the best MOH anthem, no doubt about it!
January 18th - Finally uploaded a new Powermix! It's a mix with 7 hardcore tracks:

1. Masters Of Ceremony - Put It To Music
2. Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistance
3. Angerfist Vs. Cixx & Kokka - Brother's Keepers
4. Endymion - Art
5. Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Let's Get It On
6. Angerfist Vs. Tomcat & Rudeboy - TNT
7. The Stunned Guys - Hymn (Neophyte Remix)

Click here to watch it! If you liked the mix click here, to download it!
January 11th - I've uploaded a new hardcore track:
Neophyte Vs. Tha Playah & MC Alee - The Ultimate Project.
This is one of my favorite hardcore tracks, so enjoy!

January 9th - It's a new year, so i decided to upload my favorite hardcore track as the first video of the year: Paul Elstak - Offensive Thrillah. U have to like this track it's fantastic!

DJ Charp FT. The Eltaza - Lost

Promo - Follow My Movement

Neophyte & Tha Playah - Nr. 1

Angerfist & Predator - 187

Art Of Fighters - Getting Blowed Up

Angerfist - Radical

Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power (Stunned Guys REMIX)

Evil Activities - Quiet Dedication (Neophyte & Tha Playah REMIX)


The mix is 26:40 minutes long. I'm not gonna put it on YouTube so if you want this mix please click here to download it!

November 15th - Uploaded a new hardcore mix:
Hardcore Fall 2008. I mixed 4 hot hardcore tracks, so enjoy listening! And if you want to download this mix click here.
November 7th - Finally uploaded a new hardcore track:
Neophyte & Tha Playah - Nr. 1. This is a very popular hardcore track at the moment so enjoy listening!
October 12th - Uploaded my second real track: Lost. I made it with The Eltaza (AKA DJ Tezla) The genre is between hardstyle & hardcore, so enjoy :) If you want to download this track click here. Thanks for listening!
September 27th - Uploaded a new track i made with EyeMJR: Tears Of Poison. If you want to download this track, click here.
September 23rd - Uploaded a new hardcore track:
Noize Suppressor - Chronicles. Check it, it's one of my new favorite tracks ;)
September 14th - Uploaded my 100th video! DJ Charp - Hardcore Powermix. I mixed my 4 favorite hardcore tracks :) If you wanna download this track click here.
September 6th - Uploaded A new hardcore track:
Quiet Dedication.
1st of September-  Uploaded a new mix: DJ Charp - Angerfist Mix. If you liked this track you can download it here. New tracks will be uploaded soon :)

 Thanks To Mr. Noob!

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