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Types of Tires For Different Types of Cars2017-12-19 02:18:40

Selecting the right set of tires for your vehicle plays an important role in ensuring your safety on the road. Tires are designed differently to accommodate a wide range of applications. Some are designed to be used on dry roads while others are designed to maximize response on roads covered with mud and snow. Some are built to deliver a smooth riding experience while others prioritize features, such as performance handling, that produce a rougher ride.

Tires can be categorized based on two criteria: the type of vehicle on which they are installed and the driving conditions for which they are designed. We'll cover both areas in detail below.

Sports Utility Vehicles And Light Trucks

SUVs and trucks are usually equipped with all-terrain tires. These are constructed with stiffer sidewalls than those found on smaller vehicles. The added stiffness provides increased resistance against road debris. All-terrain tires can be used on city streets as well as off-road (to a limited extent). They are also designed to provide improved traction and control.

Car manufacturers typically recommend keeping the same type of tire on SUVs and trucks as those that came with the vehicles. That said, all-purpose tires can often provide better handling and control. Moreover, they are designed to be used in most driving conditions, and thus can be kept on vehicles throughout the year.

Passenger Vehicles

Tires designed for sedans and similar vehicles offer a range of features based on driving conditions and the driver's preferences. Most stock tires are all-season, which means they are effective during the summer and winter months. It's important to realize, however, that effectiveness on both dry and wet roads is a compromise between tires that are specifically designed for each of those circumstances. That is, all-season tires are less effective on dry roads than treads designed specifically for that purpose. The same is true for their performance on wet roads.

Tires installed on passenger vehicles typically emphasize a smooth ride, low noise, long wear, and reliable traction. Taller sidewalls help to deliver these benefits.

Performance Vehicles

A special category of tires is designed to be used with performance cars. Such vehicles are built with higher engine output, as well as improved braking systems, and are often employed for racing and similar activities that emphasize speed, handling, and maneuverability. Ride comfort and long wear are less important.

These tires usually have lower profiles and wider treads. Also, the sidewalls are shorter and stiffer, providing better cornering resistance than taller sidewalls. This type of tire is unsuitable for most drivers who operate their vehicles under normal conditions (i.e. trips to the grocery store, commuting to the office, etc.). For performance cars, however, they are invaluable.

Winter Autel MaxiSys Pro, All-Season, And All-Terrain Driving

Driving on roads that are exposed to heavy moisture, snow, and ice, is dangerous without winter tires. They are equipped with treads designed to push water from underneath them, thereby increasing traction. They are also constructed to cut into ice and snow to prevent slippage.

Winter tires are unsuitable for use during warmer months when the roads are dry. They should be swapped for an all-season set, and preserved for the following year's rain and snow.

As noted earlier, all-season tires are a compromise between those designed specifically for dry conditions, and those designed for wet conditions. They are the most common format installed on passenger vehicles, though they are less reliable in extreme weather conditions.

All-terrain tires were also mentioned earlier. They are more puncture resistant than other formats due to stiffer sidewalls. They are also designed with tread patterns that are particularly useful for driving through mud. Although they can be used off-road - barring extreme conditions - all-terrain tires are mostly used on city streets and highways.

The most important thing to remember is that tires are built to offer a different set of features that can accommodate a range of road conditions. Choose a set of replacements for your vehicle based on your driving circumstances launch x431 v+.

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Troubleshoot A Lexus Radio2017-11-30 02:46:09

Radios in our cars face a lot of issues. This may be caused due to a variety of reasons. Environment plays a major role in causing this issue. The heavy luggage you keep at the roof also contributes to this problem. The roadside buildings interrupt FM Autel Maxisys MS908CV. Tunnels and all the power lines interrupt AM. When you face such issues you need not take it for service and spend money in that. You can easily solve this issue by yourself. This following article helps you to know how to troubleshoot a Lexus radio .

First you should clear off your issue with the FM. This is caused due to the interruptions by a lot of factors. Those include roadside buildings and the pathway trees. First you should clear this particular issue with FM. This issue is mainly due to the long distance from the particular station which is transmitting the signals.

You know that all the stations cannot transmit at the same speed launch x431 pro mini. There are some stations which are stronger and they can overcome the other signals. Sometimes you face this FM issue due to various signals. This may be caused due to the direct signal and the one which is reflected by the particular transmitting station. You should scan again many times to clear this issue with FM.

Now you should check your problem with AM. This issue is mainly caused due to lot of disturbances from our upper atmosphere. This occurs mainly at night times. Reflections are the main cause for the issue with AM. If two transmitting stations are situated very close to each other their signals mix and cause problem with AM. Tunnels also pose a problem to AM signals.

As you have seen before all the power lines add to this problem with AM. You should know that the electric motors also add to this issue and check well before. As you scanned FM again and tried you have to scan AM also to clear this problem.

You will not be aware that the luggage which you have kept at the roof of your car will add to this problem. But actually this also pose a major problem. the luggage include your bikes, skis. You know very well that the luggage has a lot of metal content. This is the major problem. these metals can reflect some signals and cause problem to the signals of your radio. You should check this well before loading at your car's top.

These metal contents pose problem to XM signals of your radio. For this you need to simply reload everything and should analyze which particular luggage of yours at the roof of the car is posing problem. Hence slowly reload everything and check well to clear off this particular case. Finally you check with what particular environment or the physical location you are facing the issue. You should also check that the antenna is extended.

Thus the article shows how to troubleshoot a Lexus radio. Thus enjoy your music without disturbance.

Here you find more details abaut Autoradioblende at bargain prices and much more information on radio installation kits for the right fascia panels. Erfahrungen have the best product evaluation on the internet.
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Toyota Corolla Stays Strong At 402017-11-16 02:43:47

Would you believe that it has already been forty years already? Many trends and many fads have come and gone but it seems like only the best and only the most reliable have come to stay.

So what vehicle has been in the industry for forty years already? Well, the Toyota Corolla. And it could be pretty surprising if there are some people who do not even know what the Toyota Corolla is all about. This vehicle has certainly stood through the various tests that the industry has presented but it seems like a real and a true survivor. It has passed various challenges like new vehicles coming that held features very much just like the ones that it held. There were also times when the Toyota Corolla was sent to low ranks for there were really cool vehicles that were worth buying. Despite all these, the Toyota Corolla still remains while all others have found themselves headed out to junkyard heaven.

It is the Toyota Corolla’s fortieth birthday in the industry but it seems like there is no end yet to this vehicle’s successes. In fact, as the years go on, age seems to be a really good ally for this Japanese designed and manufactured vehicle. It has come with various designs and went through different upgrades launch x431 v+. And through its changes, the industry and the market has also made sure that the products made for this vehicle like its accessories and other Toyota car parts would fit the changes and upgrades done.

The very first Toyota Corolla made was introduced to the motoring public in October of the year 1966 autointhebox coupon code. And forty years later, it is still one of the most recognized vehicles because it offers its owners low fuel consumption. It has also proven that it is a reliable vehicle.

At present, there are already sixteen different countries which produce the Toyota Corolla. In fact, these countries span from Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan to Western regions like the United States and Canada.

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Tire Pressure and Fuel Economy2017-10-13 04:43:45

With the rising gas prices and the anxiety about rapidly diminishing fuel reserves, it is a good idea to go ahead and do something about your car. The best thing to do is to get hold of some mileage saving means which will enable you to save some money. Saving gas has become a great challenge nowadays and you have to work out a way to ensure that you do your bit by using an environment friendly way to run your car.

One of the easiest ways to save fuel is to have tires with correct tire pressures. Although most of us are under the impression that our tires have the correct amount of pressure, the truth is quite the contrary. There are factors like wear and tear; seasonal temperature changes and weather which make the car lose about one to two pounds per square inch each month. Although this seems to be quite an insignificant number, you will be alarmed to know that 1 psi loss in four tires means that your miles per gallon will decrease by almost 0.04%.

This means that you need to be very careful about your tire pressure in order to ensure that you get a great mileage out of your car. Tire pressure variations can affect your mileage and the sooner you understand it the better for you.

Given below are some tips which you can look at in order to see if your tires have the right amount of pressure:

1. There should be a sign on the inside of the driver's door of your car or in the glove box indicating the correct tire pressure for your car OBD2 Scanner. In case you cannot find it, call your car company and get the accurate number from them immediately.

2. Though some stickers will not specify ‘cold tire pressure', you need to ensure that the tires are cold, which means that they haven't been used for the past few hours.

3. The psi number marked on the tires stand for the maximum pressure that the tires can undertake. You need not consider it to be the ideal pressure for your car tires.

4. In order to know the tire pressure, always use a digital gauge. It is the best way in which you can get the exact pressure and settle the pressure of the tires accordingly autel ds808.

Always keep checking the inflation of your tires as well. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that as many as 30% of cars and trucks do not have the correct amount of inflation. Do not ever judge the inflation and tire pressure of your cars on the basis of their visual appearance because it can be extremely deceptive, to say the least. Go for regular checks which will enable you to understand the correct amount of pressure and air required for your car. In this manner, you will be able to save quite a substantial amount of fuel by getting better mileage out of your car.

These days the market is buzzing wirh several products that claims to save gas and improve fuel economy. To get a first hand review of few selected gas saving products visit
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Tips For Buying Used Cars2017-09-08 05:06:16

A new driver is always better off buying a used car instead of a new car. With the used car, you will be able to refine your driving skills and thus be able to buy a better and more expensive new car.

The main reason people prefer buying used cars today is that it is available at a lower investment; lower depreciation and its financing rates have considerably reduced. Another advantage of buying a used car is that you can afford a luxury car at a reasonable rate and with the developed used car market of today, you are sure to find the used car you were always looking for.

All things in life come with its bad side; and so do used cars. They usually call for higher maintenance and are more susceptible to frequent breakdowns. This is why it is better to follow these tips for buying used cars.

The most important point to bear in mind is to decide on your budget before looking for the car. This helps you avoid going over your budget when buying your used car. Don't forget to add insurance and other running costs to your budget for your used car maxisys elite.

It is not possible to be very specific when looking for a used car. If you want a specific model, color or a car with a certain mileage or specification, it may be difficult to find such cars at a bargain. However if you are willing to settle for something similar to the car you have in mind, you are sure to have a wider choice of used cars to choose from.

When buying the used car from a dealer or an individual, it is important that you find out the reason for selling the car, how much the car has been used and permission to have the car inspected by a car mechanic before buying the used car. It is only if the mechanic approved of the car should you consider buying the used car.

Sometimes though individual sellers may permit you to have the car inspected by a mechanic, a used car dealer may not be so obliging. In such circumstances, you have to do some inspection of your own on the car. Check the engine for smoothness on starting and no hesitation when accelerating. On looking at the chassis of the car, you will be able to know if the car has met an accident or not.

Check the trunk, hood, doors, the condition of the battery and the wheel alignment of the car. The air conditioning, headlights and indicators should all be in working order. Once this is done, take the car for a test drive to get a feel of the car and thus, help you decide whether or not to buy the car.

The next thing to do is to ensure the paperwork is in order. The registration book should be up to date, the taxation book should show that the lifetime tax has been paid by the original owner of the car, insurance should be intact and don't forget the invoice for details for engine no., chassis no., date of delivery and if the car was financed or not Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

If everything is intact, negotiate on the price for the used car while bearing the condition of the car in mind. If there are some repairs to be done, the price of the car has to be reduced accordingly. And once the sale is done, ensure that the ownership papers are transferred to avoid future confusions.

Mark Robinson writes for Visit his website for information about bad credit auto loans.
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The Three Amazing Sports Car Collections2017-08-25 03:58:27

  While thousands of sports car fans have put together notable collections there are three such collections that will inspire awe and demands the attention of any sports car enthusiast x431 pro mini. These three are Toad Hall, LeMay's collection and Ralph Lauren's Collection.

Bill Putman's collection, known as Toad Hall, will have sports car fans seeing red. All of the cars in this private collection are painted red. Putman's collection features imported cars from Bentley to Datsun, with an emphasis on the British makes. There is a Lotus represented as well. Toad Hall's name comes from the children's book the Wind in the Willow.

The LeMay collection, over 3,000 strong, in Tacoma Washington is certified by the Guinness Book of World's Records as the world's largest collection of cars Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. The entire collections of sports cars cannot even be viewed in one visit. The LeMay collection was started in the 1940's by a waste hauling tycoon who started searching the area for interesting vehicles. The exhibit also includes other American history items as well as ambulances and fire trucks.

American fashion mogul Ralph Lauren is also an avid car collector and has opened his stunning collection to the public. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts showed the Ralph Lauren's exhibit and states that he started collecting in the 1960's.

It can be said that Lauren's is a connoisseur of fine cars and chose the automobiles in his collection, from Bugattis and a 1950 Jaguar XK 120 Alloy Roadster based on their fashion appeal as well as speed. His newest addition is a speed demon's dream, a 1996 McLaren F1, which can easily pass speeds of 225 mph.

Ralph Lauren has also collected car with celebrity ties. Included in his collection is the car James Dean was driving when he was killed, a Porche 500 Spider. On a happier note, the 1950 Jag mentioned earlier was driven by the Hollywood's leading man Humphrey Bogart and his love, Lauren Becall.

While there are countless car collections from small time lots to museums, these three collections all offer something unique to the sports car fan. Toad Hall which emphasizes imports and red. The LeMay collection which is certifiably the largest and Ralph Lauren's private collection which emphasizes speed and celebrity connections.

Jackson Porter is a staff writer at Automobile Enthusiast and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Environmental Central.
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The New Volvo V70 V70 DRIVe2017-08-17 03:38:34

Volvo is introducing the new DRIVe range of Volvos. The company began production of the fuel efficient, low emissions vehicles late last year following a successful introduction at the 2008 Paris Auto Show. The C30 DRIVe even managed to slip into the European Union's cleanest band of vehicles by producing less than 105g CO2 per km; and the Volvo V70 DRIVe aims to follow in the C30's footsteps.

The Volvo V70's fuel economy averages a very credible 43mpg, and if driven sensibly you'll get around 670miles out of a full tank. It's good news for business users too, as the D5 emits 172g/km (25% Tax liability) which makes it cheaper to run as a company car than a Mercedes E-Class estate and on a par with the BMW 525d Touring.

The Volvo V70 DRIVe also gets better fuel consumption through the use of tyres designed for low rolling resistance. They get an electric power steering pump providing the exact amount of assistance the driver needs, instead of too much power which needlessly draws energy off the powertrain. The V70 also gets a covered grille and lowered chassis to decrease drag.

No car epitomises this philosophy better than the Volvo V70 estate. Its predecessors were so ugly and dull to drive that they were nicknamed Swedish penalty boxes, whereas the Volvo V70 DRIVe is all swoops, curves and studied elegance. The overall sense of intelligence wrapped up in the beautiful bodies that Volvo now wraps their cars in is exceedingly appealing.

The Volvo V70 and S80 DRIVe versions are also equipped with an electric power steering pump that delivers exactly the servo assistance the driver requires, in a precise and energy-efficient way. All DRIVe models feature this power steering system.

The size of the Volvo V70 DRIVe makes the car very versatile for a range of families and a range of needs. This V70 is one of the most voluminous big estate cars on sale today, able to swallow a washing machine whole, without folding the rear seat down. So if you like the idea of a big Volvo estate for cargo-carrying, then you will not be disappointed.

Used values are excellent on all versions because the V70 is one of the best-selling premium estate cars. Aided by six-speed automatic transmission, the Volvo V70 makes an exemplary tow car. On the test track it showed it would remain stable at speeds well above the limit on British roads, which is reassuring.

In addition, the car has been given a higher level of luxury, to reinforce its premium qualities. The "soft nose" front, including an egg-crate grille with chromed vertical bars, creates a sporty yet luxurious appearance.

But driving even the more powerful versions isn't intimidating Autel MaxiSys Pro, thanks to traction control, predictable handling, excellent grip (especially on the all-wheel drive cars) and precise steering. As you'd expect, V70 has massive in-built strength; V70 gained five NCAP stars. Any more power would really need AWD. Need to pass someone, effortless. Peak torque of 295lb ft is delivered at just 1500rpm, peak power at 5600rpm. The transverse engine is mated to a six-speed auto (there's no manual option) and autel maxidas ds808, with Four-C, the Haldex-type four-wheel drive uses an electronically controlled clutch pack to distribute torque between the axles.

The engine now has lower compression, more efficient combustion and the latest generation of engine management software. What is more, the turbocharger has been optimised to deliver high torque from low revs. Owners of the old V70 will be impressed by the latest model's stiffer chassis and improved handling. What's more, while the Volvo performed well in our brake tests, stopping from 60mph in 36.4 metres - the pedal is the softest underfoot.

The car is second to none in safety, and the company has managed to add on a few new safety innovations as well. Safety features include including a multitude of airbags, traction control, electronic stability programme, whiplash prevention system and Volvo's Side Impact Protection System. That's complimented with an extensive standard equipment list too, which includes CD player, MP3 socket, air conditioning and cruise control. The side-curtain airbags now extend 2.4 inches lower down the door to better protect kids. But wait, there's more: new dual-chamber front-seat-mounted side airbags, second-generation whiplash-protection system, blind-spot detection, and available adaptive cruise control with collision-warning that primes the brake system (the brakes don't apply like those on Mercedes PreSafe when a collision is deemed inevitable) Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. The Volvo V70 is a supremely safe family car, but should the worst happen there's anti whiplash head restraints, side impact protection systems and multiple airbags included as standard across the range.

"Our aim is to offer cars that have the lowest CO2 emissions... DRIVe is the symbol for this process and the cars bearing this badge are those with which we have made most progress." Says Magnus Jonsson

The Volvo V70 DRIVe is stunning to look, it carries the green DRIVe badge of fuel-efficiency and being a Volvo, it is one of the safest cars on the road today.

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The History of Transportation - Auto Shipping Made2017-08-09 03:44:48

The history of anything makes for a fascinating study as it provides the student with insights as no other subject can. There is a written history of just about anything that ever happened in this world we live in, many by the most eminent scholars of their time. History allows us to learn great lessons while we travel to another time and place where we can imagine ourselves living as the people did then. By going back we can move ahead with new innovations into the future.

As stated before, history touches on every aspect of past lives including transportation. This article will discuss specifically the history of the auto shipping and transportation industry and how events would shape and influence the industry. Auto shipping rose from a very modest and primitive background to become the flourishing international industry it is today. Lets look at some of the historical details of the industry.

Commercial transportation in America, one of the most industrious countries in the world, dates back to the "canal-building era" of the early 1800's. Developing around the convergence of Rondout Creek and the Hudson River was the town of Kingston, which was one of the nation's first transportation hubs. In close proximity, trading trails and an expansive water system, Kingston was perfectly set to take its place in transportation history.

In 1807 Robert Fulton was the first person to design a steam engine that could power a boat creating an ideal stage for the concept of efficient transportation to take off Launch CReader 9081. With this new invention, excitement about transportation possibilities began to thrive. With the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 key waterways were connected and the transportation industry was starting to flourish. With the steam engine advancing in use, the limits of transportation were being pushed. As year round demands for goods rose and residents moved farther and farther away from each other, railroads soon became the most practical form of transportation. Rail cars and railroads really opened up the minds in the automobile industry. With visions of traveling long distances over land at higher rates of speed and comfort Autel MaxiSys Pro, the idea of the car was born.

A pretty obvious conclusion is that without the invention of the automobile there would be no auto shipping. As simple as that fact is, the automobile's history is an interesting tale. Initially revolutionized by the likes of people like Henry Ford, Karl Benz, George Selden and Wilhelm Maybach, the car has come along way since its initial inceptions. Starting with companies like Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Ford and Pontiac, the tone was set for vehicles to become an integrated part of almost every culture.

As time has changed, we have come as far as electric and solar powered vehicles, cars that can reach high speeds, and a slew of other features like navigation, self parking and air bags. With such a rich history and ready made for both utility and enjoyment, the automobile was destined for greatness. Increasingly popular, the car has pushed forward to compliment and create many great side industries. Auto shipping companies are now reaping the benefits of this historical trend. Car transportation is fast becoming a very important part to the success of our lives, and learning more about will only benefit the curious.

Right now, auto shipping is a critical service. Cars can be transported by boat, train or car, thanks to the passions of several throughout the automobile's history. The great thing about all this is the auto shipping industry itself undergoes continual evolvement to new peaks and is creating its own history as you read this. Auto shipping transportation has played a major role in many lives and has a rich history well worth studying.

To read more on Car Transport or to get an online Vehicle Shipping Quote please visit MetroGistics.
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The 2010 Ford Fusion is the Perfect Blend of Pract2017-07-17 04:24:13

Is it possible for a family sedan to still be sporty and offer a fun drive? The 2010 Ford Fusion delivers on all aspects. It has been revamped for 2010 inside and out. One of the main external touch ups on the Fusion is its redesigned front grille and a more aggressive and edgier appearance. This is a family midsize sedan that's lots of fun to drive and very driver oriented due to its fine handling on the road.

There are various engine choices for you to select from. The base engine is a 2.5 Ltr 4 cylinder engine with 175 horsepower and 175 lb feet of torque. The unique aspect about the engine is that its one of the most powerful four cylinder engines on the market. There is an option on the SE and SEL to have it equipped with a 3.0 Ltr 6 cylinder engine with 240 hp and 223 lb feet. The premium sport model is equipped with a 3.4 Ltr V6 with 263 hp and 249. Another winning point for this car is its excellent gas mileage. The Fusion receives twenty three mpg in the city and thirty four mpg on the freeway. Four trim levels are available; S, SE, Sport and SEL.

Fusion's base model S comes with a trip computer, a cruise control system, distinct sixteen inch alloy wheels and a CD audio system. The SE model includes even bigger seventeen inch wheels, dual exhaust pipes, an upgraded stereo system and keyless entry. The sport model includes massive 18" wheels, a tricked out steering wheel appointed with rich premium leather and a few additional cosmetic touches. The top of the line SEL model adds some cool features like an advanced numeric keyless entry pad, fog lamps and the audio system can be smartly controlled via knobs on the steering wheel.

You'll notice the warm and inviting soft fabric touches right away once you step inside. The seats are roomy and the vehicle can easily seat four passengers. There is a Ford's innovative Sync system which allows your car to work with Bluetooth technology. This system can also give you detailed step by step directions and works via voice commands. The trunk is generously sized at 16.5 cubic feet and should be more than enough to suit the needs of most shoppers.

Ford engineers built this car with safety in mind and this vehicle definitely features all of the latest safety mechanisms. A stability control system minimizes skidding by adjusting the brake pressure as needed Launch CReader 6011, an airbag system with side curtain airbags and anti lock disc brakes. A blind spot alert system is in place which lets you know when there is a vehicle in your blind spot and the tire pressure monitoring system lets you know when your tire pressure needs to be adjusted. Seatbelt pretensions are in place to tighten the belt during an impact or collision autel maxidas ds808.

The Fusion's cylinder engine is one the most powerful on the market plus Fusion even offers an all-wheel drive. The starting cost of the Fusion is in the 16k and may increase depending on the options and trims. If you don't want to sacrifice a fun and sporty drive but need a midsize sedan or family car, then the Fusion would be a great choice; this car is the perfect blond of a practicality and fun!

Written by Jacqueline Star: Ford Focus Carrollton, Ford Focus Plano, Ford Orange County
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Step Bars - Style With Substance2017-07-04 04:34:35

Most Hollywood stars look great. And they have a huge following not only in their own country but rather worldwide. This means that their movies are popular worldwide and enjoy a huge world market. But can all the great looking people in the USA become Hollywood stars and command huge rates? We all know that is not possible. Because to be successful as a movie star you need to have more than just great looks. There needs to be substance along with style. And this is true not just in the case of movie stars, it is true in many other fields such as architecture and product design launch x431 v plus. In fact when you will sit down and think of it there is hardly a field or industry where it does not hold true that style with substance is the winning combination.

And it certainly holds true when it comes to doing up your car. Instead of going in for products that give only a cosmetic boost to the looks of your car you can go in for products that look very nice and stylish on your car and at the same time bring in thoughtful functionality as well. For example you should consider step bars. Step bars add style to your car and make it look like a high performance cool vehicle.

And at the same time they perform two very useful functions. One if the car is of high seating they enable people to step on them while gaining access into the car. This makes taking the seat much easier specially for old people who can otherwise feel challenged by a high seating position. Then they also protect the car when in it being in narrow places and may rub against a protrusion from the side. The step bar will take the impact on itself and your car will remain untouched. The step bar is designed to withstand such abrasions so it will also likely not be damaged autel maxidas ds808.

You will enjoy choosing step bars conveniently by going online. You have a wide choice if styles that is available and you can go for the one that appeals to you the most.

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